Prelim use cases by banks like yours

Banks of all shapes and sizes use the white-labeled Prelim platform to originate online. The following are examples of regional and community banks that are using Prelim to exponentially grow their customer and deposit base.

Fully Digital Bank - Total Direct Bank

City National Bank, a $15 billion regional bank is operated solely in Florida serving commercial and consumer accounts. A new digital only brand, Total Direct Bank, was launched in April of 2019 to expand their footprint across the U.S. into 46 other states.

Prelim was selected after several vendors were vetted for its ability to deliver a fully digital application experience that met their compliance and integration requirements.  

The digital bank, led by fast-rising banker, Lazaro Gonzalez, has experienced double-digit growth in deposits month-over-month since launch and consistently ranks as of one of the top 5 digital banks.  

Brick and Mortar - Rockhold Bank

Rockhold Bank, a community bank that was founded in 1867 operated two branches in Bainbridge, Ohio. Prelim's account opening software was launched in July of 2017 at the same time that a new and improved version of their website was rolled out to commemorate their new digital strategy.

Prelim was selected to help execute on their CEO, Jon Wisecup’s vision of a one-click account opening experience that would propel their bank to be one of the most modern banks in their market area.  

Today, Rockhold Bank has expanded to three branches and Prelim supports account opening for their complete suite of consumer and commercial deposit accounts.  

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